To assist Canadian small businesses realize their goals by effectively and efficiently connecting them with consumers to generate sustainable growth with strategic marketing knowledge, skills, planning, execution, and management.









LCM & Co. is a team of entrepreneur-minded professionals.  We respect, appreciate, and relate to your passion.  We understand and lived the same stresses building, growing, and maintaining a business.  It’s not an easy feat. 

But small businesses like yours drive our economy, meet consumer needs, and push the boundaries of business.  This is why we believe it is important to support your goal to be successful and contribute to the marketplace.

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Growing up with an entrepreneurial father, working in small businesses, and running a small business, Charmaine saw firsthand how the entrepreneurial passion sometimes leads to the tunnel vision of business ideas, which led to wasted time, money, and energy on actions that did not lead to achieving goals.

While as a Career Coach and Relationship Manager at the Rotman Commerce Career Centre at the University of Toronto for six years, Charmaine advised students to follow their interests and passions. After deciding to take her own advice, she made a career change to pursue her marketing interests with the intention of starting a business that would help entrepreneurs save their time, money, and energy with strategic marketing - her passion.

"I started LCM & Co. to empower small business owners - make them aware of every angle of their business, provide them with a relevant plan, and equip them with the tools and service that leads them to their business goals.  Large businesses are not the only ones who should have access to such services.  Entrepreneurs have such great creativity, curiosity, and energy to contribute to our economy and society with their idea. There's no need to exhaust this energy with new things they have to learn and do that has nothing to do with delivering their product - what they do best."

Charmaine is a Hon. B.A. graduate from the University of Toronto in Urban, Economic, and Social Geography.   Her undergraduate studies shaped her research and analysis skills to understand the interconnectedness of businesses with its external environment such as the economy, urban geography, and communities.  Her studies in business and marketing, as well as entrepreneurial and work experience with managing corporate partner relationships, provides her with the insight of successful business strategies, which can be applied to small businesses.